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Lyta's Shadow February 14th 21 14:19

Bruce Boxleitner Interview
Just found this, a great watch and 38 minutes went by very quickly!


Looney February 15th 21 21:44

Re: Bruce Boxleitner Interview
Yeah it is pretty good. I watched it last week. Only a couple of cringe worthy moments. :lol: ;) But yes it is a good video. I love the graphics.

Karajorma February 17th 21 05:37

Re: Bruce Boxleitner Interview
Same here. Really enjoyed it.

Springer February 18th 21 14:19

Re: Bruce Boxleitner Interview
That was a great interview. Would have loved to have been at the tennis match (annoyingly I think I was at that con too, and never heard about it until now!)

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