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HeinleinFan July 29th 16 05:18

Re: RIP Jerry Doyle
A sad day among many such days.

Thanks for the memories, Jerry. We'll see you beyond The Rim.

AntonyF July 29th 16 10:01

Re: RIP Jerry Doyle
So very sad... the B5 cast is just tragic. We have lost far too many.

I interviewed Jerry once, and I had technical issues and never got it off the tapes... I really need to try again.

Sinclair August 2nd 16 14:03

Re: RIP Jerry Doyle
I've been out of town but learned about this the day it came out. At first I thought it was just a spam post on Facebook, but it was not unfortunately. He was brilliant as Garibaldi and I also enjoyed his radio program on the rare occasions that I got to hear it. Hard to believe another is gone way too soon.

Jan August 4th 16 02:38

Re: RIP Jerry Doyle
I found an obituary for Jerry Doyle. While visitation and services look to be for friends and family, I found this:
Memorial donations, to the Wounded Warriors Foundation, 4899 Belfort Road, Suite 300, Jacksonville, FL 32256 or www.woundedwarriorproject.org.
Note: This is the form to use to make the donation in memory of Jerry Doyle:

And condolence notes can be left here:

Wulf August 8th 16 18:03

Re: RIP Jerry Doyle
I haven't done the research myself, but anybody thinking of donating to the above organization should be aware of reports like the following:


And either satisfy themselves that it is the best way to donate their money, or choose another organization with the same stated goals.

Jan August 8th 16 21:54

Re: RIP Jerry Doyle
John Hudgens has done yet another wonderful memorial video:

Sinclair August 9th 16 03:16

Re: RIP Jerry Doyle
That's awesome Jan. I wish that video didn't have to happen. His words towards the end of it are definitely words to live by though. It did bring a tear to my eye. Hopefully we won't have to worry about losing another cast member for a long time.

Bester August 10th 16 12:43

Re: RIP Jerry Doyle
I'm gutted :(

That is all.

hypatia August 11th 16 04:02

Re: RIP Jerry Doyle
I was shocked to hear it, was he in ill health? He was so young.

Very nice tributes, his character really was a big part of the heart and humor of the series.

Jan October 26th 16 22:19

Re: RIP Jerry Doyle
Apologies if this seems like advertising but I think it's of interest. The B5 Books folks have created a cool tribute item that honors Jerry as well as his character, Garibaldi.



The Garibaldi Holocrystal
A Memorial for Jerry Doyle
A Tribute to Michael Garibaldi

The death of Jerry Doyle on July 27, 2016 shocked and saddened Babylon 5 fandom. Five weeks later, on August 31, the Coroner's Office confirmed that Jerry Doyle died from natural causes with complications from chronic alcoholism.

To give fans the opportunity to honor Jerry Doyle and do some good, we are offering the "Garibaldi Holocrystal," with a portion of the proceeds being donated to Claudia Christian's C Three Foundation.

A GuideStar-awarded non-profit, the C Three Foundation was created in 2013 by Claudia to educate doctors, alcoholics and their loved-ones about The Sinclair Method, the most successful long term treatment for alcoholism.

Each check sent to C Three will include the names of people who purchased the Garibaldi Holocrystal. (No contact information will be shared. Only names.)
(oh, and there's a special treat tucked way on the bottom of the text) ;)

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