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Raw Shark November 26th 17 01:28

RIP Rance Howard
Rance Howard has passed away. He played Captain Sheridan's father David, starting in Severed Dreams. I absolutely loved his performance representing Kosh in Interludes and Examinations.


Raw Shark

"As long as you're here, I'll always be here."
David Sheridan, Interludes and Examinations

Looney November 26th 17 15:45

Re: RIP Rance Howard
Dang, but 89 is a pretty good run and he did a lot of memorable work including creating Ron and Clint Howard. ;)

Sinclair November 26th 17 20:46

Re: RIP Rance Howard
You beat me to it. I was going to post this.

I've been a fan of his appearances in movies and television shows for years. I was actually just thinking about him a few days ago, but I can't remember why. He has two great sons in Ron and Clint as well as a granddaughter in Bryce Dallas.

He certainly cemented his legacy as a key player in the B5 world.

RIP Rance.

KoshFan November 26th 17 21:19

Re: RIP Rance Howard
Great actor. At least, unlike so many of our other stars, he was not taken from us too soon.

vacantlook November 30th 17 03:15

Re: RIP Rance Howard
I just saw this posted on Reddit, so I had to come post here. He had some really nice scenes on B5.

Looney November 30th 17 16:32

Re: RIP Rance Howard

Originally Posted by vacantlook (Post 459864)
I just saw this posted on Reddit, so I had to come post here. He had some really nice scenes on B5.

Yep. Shame there weren't more of them. From what we were told about his character's career it seems like he would have wanted to come visit his son on B5 and see what it was all about.

dawnchild December 10th 17 13:02

Re: RIP Rance Howard
Another actor from the B5 Universe passes beyond the rim. He lived a long and full life, but will be missed.

RIP Mr Howard.

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