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Jade Jaguar December 13th 10 05:40

Bye-bye IFC
I've loved The Independent Film Channel for years now. It presented arthouse movies, short independent films and animation. It had been going down hill lately, showing lots of series comedies, and other series. But, now they have added ads, and have constant commercial breaks in their films. I don't like ads, but I could tolerate them, if they were NOT interrupting movies. I won't even watch them on the DVR that way. I feel like my dog got hit by a truck. :mad:

GKarsEye December 13th 10 15:34

Re: Bye-bye IFC
Gee I wonder why people illegally download things.

Jade Jaguar December 14th 10 00:50

Re: Bye-bye IFC
The IFC is owned by Rainbow Media, the same jerks who turned AMC into a commercial channel. They also own The Sundance Channel. Sundance has added a lot of series, less movies, so I guess commercials will be coming soon there too.

Yeah, it's kind of ironic that their attempts to make more money may ultimately move more people to get the stuff illegally, for free. I can see adding commercials between films, but as long as we still have options to see films uninterrupted, why watch that crap?

Another thing on the horizon is that the studios who own the films and TV shows, like Sony, are talking about charging Netflix 10 times as much for streaming rights on the next contract.

Jade Jaguar December 14th 10 08:34

Re: Bye-bye IFC
If anyone would like to e-mail their sediments to the IFC, the address is:

I unloaded on them a bit, more politely than they deserve...

GKarsEye December 14th 10 20:44

Re: Bye-bye IFC
Well on the flip side, the commercialization of AMC also led them to create 3 awesome series.

Jade Jaguar December 15th 10 03:04

Re: Bye-bye IFC
At the cost of the loss of uninterrupted classic films. To me, it wasn't worth it. Many cable channels make lots of series', that many find "awesome." I'll admit that I might check out ONN, the Onion News Network, but that's all I am likely to watch on the IFC. If they had just added commercials between the programs, I'd shrug, and still be an avid viewer.

GKarsEye December 15th 10 15:33

Re: Bye-bye IFC
Ok but really, if you wanna see an uninterrupted classic film, it's so easy w/ internet/libraries/DVD.

Last weekend I was holed up @ home due to a cold and crappy winter weather, so I decided to catch up on some movie watching I been meaning to get to as I haven't watched any in a while.

- Marty, a 1954 Ernest Borgnine film referenced in a small indy comedy starring Jeff Greene and I saw a while back.

- The Wild Bunch, 196something, because I read a thing about Sam Peckinpah and realized I hadn't seen it in like a 15 yrs and don't remember it.

- Tron, 1981-ish, in anticipation of the sequel

- Inception, 2010, not even out on DVD yet.

All acquired immediately, in excellent quality, unedited, uncensored. It never even occurred to me to look at IFC or AMC.

This is, increasingly, the reality of the market.

Sindatur December 15th 10 15:44

Re: Bye-bye IFC
Out of curiosity, how does a channel without commercials support itself?

hypatia December 16th 10 15:05

Re: Bye-bye IFC
You pay to get that channel, it's part of what you pay for your satellite/cable tv service. If you pay more, you get better channels, and many more of them (we tend to have "basic" cable, "extended basic" and then all sorts of packages that you can add like five HBO channels, Showtime channels, etc.

The bottom line for having good movie channels: you will miss many great movies you'd never have a chance to hear about by word-of-mouth.

Although I am less annoyed about the commercial options, I live where there are much mroe limited choices. I just can't believe what has happened to "specialty" channels. I mean, they've all cheapened their formats and kind of lost the reason I wanted to see them in the first place.

Am I remembering correctly when I recall that in college, Bravo was a great channel on which to watch foreign films? And filmed plays, like "Master Harold and the Boys" and "Sizwe Banzi is Dead"? (These were anti-apartheid British plays.)

I noticed our cable company added Bravo, and I checked it out last summer.
It's all reruns, now.

GKarsEye December 16th 10 15:21

Re: Bye-bye IFC
Yeah I think Bravo became the all-gay channel at some point. I don't mean challenging indy films about homosexuals and their life experiences, I mean TV shows where they go shopping and eat lunch or whatever.

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