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GKarsEye October 28th 10 14:49

The Walking Dead
AMC, which has replaced HBO as the place to find groundbreaking original programming (Mad Men, Breaking Bad), is premiering a series about zombies this weekend. There is nothing about that I don't like.

Sindatur October 28th 10 15:46

Re: The Walking Dead
Greatly looking forward to it, and wondering how they're gonna make it work as a series.

I understand it's a 6 episode series to begin with, and has an eye toward being renewed for more episodes

GKarsEye October 29th 10 13:19

Re: The Walking Dead
Only 6? For some reason I was under the impression they were gonna try to make this a flagship show, now that their two marquee series are on break.
Oh well that's fine, that's how they do it in Britain, and I prefer their method.

snockit November 3rd 10 16:17

Re: The Walking Dead
It was a pleasant surprise of a show. I decided to watch it more out of curiosity, not out of a drive (don't know much about the comic / characters)

Within 10 minutes, I was drawn in ... paying more attention to it than most shows that have been watching this year. Looking forward to see where they take it, but thus far, the production and characters are really well done.

This is shaping up to be one of my favorite new shows of the season ... who said Vampires are all the craze these days?

(granted, I guess pus faced zombies are not as attractive ... )

Curious to know what others thought, especially anyone who knows the actually world they are basing it off.


GKarsEye November 3rd 10 17:33

Re: The Walking Dead
Great pilot! Exactly what I expected and hoped for.

Recoil November 8th 10 22:32

Re: The Walking Dead
Meant to watch this live, but AT&T U-Verse doesn't have AMC HD yet, so I'm downloading. Plan to watch the first two episodes tonight. I've heard good things and I love zombie movies.

Sindatur November 9th 10 00:26

Re: The Walking Dead
I saw the premiere and loved it. Looking forward to getting back home Friday and checking out the second one.

snockit November 9th 10 16:59

Re: The Walking Dead
The good news that it has already been renewed for a 13 episode second season ... pretty reassuring for only 2 episodes being aired thus far :)

(note: second episode is keeping it going strong)

GKarsEye November 11th 10 15:04

Re: The Walking Dead
2nd episode was fun but my goodness did they rely on every cliche and expected stereotype and turn of events.

For me, The Walking Dead is similar to the one other weekly hour-long show I watch: Boardwalk Empire, in that they are very well produced, visually excellent and fun genre pieces, but nothing more.

However, The Walking Dead is based on a popular comic series that I have not read but has a reputation for being about more than just blasting zombies, so there are some great possibilities.

Demonn January 5th 11 00:48

Re: The Walking Dead
Finally watched this show... got 4 episodes under my belt but now I have no idea how I'm gonna watch the last two.

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