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KoshFan April 19th 11 17:38

Re: Game of Thrones, HBO series
Daenerys' wedding night was... rather worse on screen than it was on the page. But in retrospect -- considering Dany's whole life has basically been child abuse -- I'm glad they didn't pretty it up. It really should be awful. (In the books she's thirteen. And winds up having a great time. Which is not good.)

Lena Heady as Cersei (the queen who's screwing her brother, for those not yet able to keep track) is good so far, as is the woman playing Catelyn (Mama Stark). Not enough Peter Dinklege/Tyrion yet.

Knowing what's coming makes all this rather more intense, which is interesting.

Edited to add: HBO's already renewed the show on the strength of the opening night ratings... wow.

GKarsEye April 19th 11 19:22

Re: Game of Thrones, HBO series
My understanding of the wedding night scene in the book was that even though she was forced into the marriage, her "barbarian" husband was at least trying to be sensitive to her feelings. His asking of "no" was to make sure she was ok with it (that part didn't even make sense in the show). This basic courtesy was more than she ever got after a lifetime of being treated as her brothers' property, so she at least tried to go along with it.

In the show it's just kinda rape-y, and I'm guessing 'cause they just don't have time to do nuance on a shot this dense with characters and plots.

hypatia April 21st 11 01:47

Re: Game of Thrones, HBO series
O.K. my problem with the premier of "Game of Thrones" is very simple.

My fucking cable went out TWICE during the recording. I didn't know it until yesterday.


Obviously, I have no idea what I did see. There was one pale white, think gal who was marrying the barbarian. I recall she always looked unhappy and didn't say much.

I'll find out when it's repeated. This is HBO, in this week they'll be repeating it I am sure. I have a real advantage if I can find it again before Sunday

KoshFan April 21st 11 05:07

Re: Game of Thrones, HBO series
I think they're airing it like crazy for exactly reasons like this, hyp, but that might only have been Monday.

The girl you're thinking of is Daenerys (Dany) Targaryen, and she's always unhappy because she's had absolute shit for a life. Getting married off and raped is just the latest....

AnlaShokGrey April 21st 11 20:40

Re: Game of Thrones, HBO series

Originally Posted by GKarsEye (Post 369537)

Sure, it's swords-n-lords, but it's also tits, mud, blood, beasts, incest, death... Awesome stuff!
Or as I call it, "the weekend."

BWA-hahaha! I hate to reply just to laugh, but that was really very good.

AnlaShokGrey April 21st 11 20:42

Re: Game of Thrones, HBO series

Originally Posted by hypatia (Post 369567)
I have a real advantage if I can find it again before Sunday

Hypatia, if you get HBO, you probably also get HBO OnDemand, in which case you can just look it up in the OnDemand menu (Premium channels --> HBO --> Series) and watch it at your convenience.

KoshFan April 26th 11 07:21

Re: Game of Thrones, HBO series
Just saw the second one. To me it felt stronger than the first, but much of the strength lay in the foreshadowing, so I don't know how other people felt about it.

It does seem, however, that something important is missing: Jon Snow's direwolf. I know he'll be back but at the moment the albino wolf is missing.

Title sequence is growing on me. As is Tyrion -- the slapping scene and the books-as-whetstones scene were fantastic.

GKarsEye April 26th 11 16:03

Re: Game of Thrones, HBO series
Before I saw one second of this show I just assumed Tyrion would be the favorite character amongst viewers, especially those who haven't read the book, because he's an amazing actor and he's the underdog.

If I wasn't reading the book (almost done!) I would probably have found some of this episode boring (I don't love animals enough to be sad when they die on TV like so many people I know).

Favorite part was the dead butcher's son. I liked how that while Ned was upset by that, he wasn't TOO upset. One thing I appreciate about the book is that it reminds us that while these powerful people play their war and politics, it's the regular people that get screwed over.

KoshFan April 26th 11 17:58

Re: Game of Thrones, HBO series
A theme Martin doesn't abandon. It's worth remembering that Tyrion slaps his nephew around for not paying his respects, and then walks into the hall and demands breakfast.

And yet Jory -- Ned's henchman, with no lines in this one -- has that beautiful/sad moment with the Stark girls. Ordered to get them to bed, he hugs them first, and (if you've read the books) you remember that he's known them since they were born, and probably loves them like he would his own kin.

They seem to be getting a lot of little details right, which I appreciate, and adding a couple more that work pretty well too. So far the absence of Ghost is the only major fault I've got.

GKarsEye April 26th 11 18:28

Re: Game of Thrones, HBO series
I think the Ghost thing is way too nitpicky. There are a lot of wolves, each that need some screen time to reflect their personality in relation to their owners, and two of them have to get gone by end of the 2nd episode.

Ghost will almost definitely get screen time during Jon's time at the Wall, which- and I'm totally guessing here- will probably get shoe-horned into just one episode.

My nitpick is pretty much the entire Dhaenerys/Drago thing. It all just looks... silly. I mean it's all silly 'cause it's fantasy, but this dragon-girl amongst the Mongols bit is simply not translating well on the screen for me. I think a lot of it has to do with the sexual element, which played corny while reading it and that aspect of it is magnified when visualized (and mangled).

At least the girl is really pretty though, so there's that.

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