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Elric February 7th 06 20:27

Re: EpDis: Grey 17 Is Missing
Average for me (C). Like most, the Marcus/Neroon story is good, the Jeremiah story is ok, but the Zarg is just pants (and I'm not even going to mention the "steam gun").


Every time I see Garibaldi about to kill the Zarg with his physics-defying homemade shotgun I hope he's gonna turn it on Jeremiah and wipe him out. He is the 2nd most annoying character on B5.

Second most anoying, who is the first?

GKarsEye February 7th 06 21:11

Re: EpDis: Grey 17 Is Missing

Joseph DeMartino February 7th 06 21:49

Re: EpDis: Grey 17 Is Missing


???? :confused: Did you forget about a guy named Byron? How about Jinxo? Man, I'd have to go through a long list of characters I found annoying on the series before I came to the name "Lorien". :)



hypatia February 7th 06 21:52

Re: EpDis: Grey 17 Is Missing
Really? Why? Was he a bit too all-powerful-and-yet-wishy-washy for you?

GKarsEye February 7th 06 21:59

Re: EpDis: Grey 17 Is Missing
Byron did not annoy me as much as he did most. Yes I would very much like to punch him but he just doesn't make my skin crawl as much as Lorien.

Jinxo is too much of a putz to really annoy me. If anything, his mentor was much worse, but at least he died.

The Soul Hunter and Shaal Mayan are good candidates but still don't compare to Lorien when he goes off into tick-this and tock-that... yeah I'll fucking tick-tock you up upside your goddamn head you stupid old geezer.

Jade Jaguar February 8th 06 01:32

Re: EpDis: Grey 17 Is Missing
Lorien is my favorite of the secondary characters, and I like the Tick & Tock bit very much, thank you! :p :p :p

I would say that, as far as B5 characters go, Lorien is at the opposite end of the spectrum from the Zarg.

RW7427 February 8th 06 04:05

Re: EpDis: Grey 17 Is Missing
Lorien is cool!

Elric February 8th 06 12:48

Re: EpDis: Grey 17 Is Missing
Lorien? I really like the character (and I think Wayne plays the role very well) and fail to see how he is anoying, but each to his own I suppose.

I also thought the tick-tock speach was also very good. Do you have a fear of clocks perhaps?

GKarsEye February 8th 06 15:13

Re: EpDis: Grey 17 Is Missing
You ever talk to someone who, after making a point, feels the need to drive the point home over and over again, and simply rephrase it differently? That can be really annoying and come off as arrogant.

I mean, it can just be kind of obnoxious and a little arrogant when someone says something, and you get it, but then he has to repeat it over and over again.

Like when someone arrogantly repetitively repeats something again. That sucks.

Elric February 8th 06 18:57

Re: EpDis: Grey 17 Is Missing
(post remove due to misunderstanding - sorry)

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