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vacantlook October 26th 04 08:14

EpDis: The Parliament Of Dreams
And here we have the next episode, The Parliament Of Dreams.

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vacantlook October 26th 04 08:24

Re: EpDis: The Parliament Of Dreams
I personally really really love "The Parliament Of Dreams". The multitude of various religious demonstrations helps to flesh out several of the alien races, we have the fun of a G'Kar centric plot, and we get introduced to the wonderous Na'Toth!

The various alien religious demonstrations was fun. We get more of the calm, monkishness of the Minbari religious experience. I love the minor interaction of G'Kar in the background during the shot of Delenn speaking right after the red fruit is passed out but not yet consumed: G'Kar quietly swaps fruit with Ivanova sitting next to him. :lol: The Centauri festival was great too: "Everybody's cute, everybody's cute; but in purple, I'm stunning!" and "Do you know what the last Xon said? Argh!" :lol: And then the poiniency of Sinclair's introduction to the long line of various religious persons from Earth culture.

Second, we have the joy of seeing more of G'Kar beyond the brooding angry revolutionary. I think a lot of G'Kar in this episode is hillarious: "This is Ambassador G'Kar's quarters. This is Ambassador G'Kar's table. This is Ambassador G'Kar's dinner. What part of this progression eludes you?" "By this time, I'm already dead.""Good riddance." :lol:

And then the wonderful introduction of Na'Toth after the suspicious death of Ko'Dath in an airlock malfuction. :lol: I loved Na'Toth and G'Kar's repetition of the "You will known pain, You will know fear, And then you will die, Have a pleasant flight!" That whole conversation with Tu'Pari is great. I love Brown's delivery of Na'Toth's line: "Most unfortunate!"

Ultimately, I think this episode is great. :)

Shaal Mayan October 26th 04 08:42

Re: EpDis: The Parliament Of Dreams
This one is excellant so it gets an A and rightly done .The Centauri festival of life was funny .But what stark contrast to the Minbari religious beliefs so somber .The one thing missing was Narn beliefs.

darth_librarian October 26th 04 09:02

Re: EpDis: The Parliament Of Dreams
A 'B'. Like a lot of the early stuff, it works well on repeat viewings, there being a lot of foreshadowing of later seasons...
Good characterisation, enjoyed the humor, but the G'kar plot was possibly a little contrived.
One thing I will say about early episodes was that the musi, while good was yet to find its real hook. Sometimes it seems a bit intursive, but we were spoilt later on.

KoshFan October 26th 04 09:30

Re: EpDis: The Parliament Of Dreams
This is one of my early favorite episodes, and one I've used to hook new fans.

I haven't seen the introduction of Catharine Sakai mentioned. Not as important as it might otherwise have been due to Sinclair's departure, but she was a fine character in the three episodes we saw her in.

Perhaps one of my favorite lines has also been forgotten:

"He has become one with his inner spirit!"
"He passed out!"
"That too."

And the assassin's glasses....

Shaal Mayan October 26th 04 10:09

Re: EpDis: The Parliament Of Dreams
That's the only down side to an otherwise great ep that I didn;t put in my post the character of catherine Sakai I am glad we only saw her in 3 episodes I never warmed up to her .But's it's still excellant .

RMcD October 26th 04 10:18

Re: EpDis: The Parliament Of Dreams
I enjoy everything about this episode except the Narn A-plot, which I find is overplayed, laboured, and cartoony. Otherwise it does a great job of fleshing out each of the major B5 races (except the Vorlons - Kosh's scene was removed and edited into The War Prayer). It also features one of the funniest scenes in season 1 (the Centauri banquet) and one of my favourite scenes in the whole series (at the very end). At the same time it introduces important characters like Lennier, Na'Toth, and Catherine Sakai.

I find it hard to rate. Like many installments of B5, it's a bit like watching three different episodes intercut; but in this case at least two of them are stunning.

vacantlook October 26th 04 10:38

Re: EpDis: The Parliament Of Dreams
I had forgotten about Sakai being introduced this episode when I commented on the ep above. Personally, I really like Sakai and felt sad that with Sinclair leaving at the end of season one (with the notable reapparances) that it also brought on the departure of Sakai. I especially enjoyed her interactions with G'Kar in "Mind War" and looked forward to more such intereactions with him and other characters for her. I was pleasantly surprised to see her turn up again in the novel "To Dream In The City Of Sorrows".

RW7427 October 26th 04 13:17

Re: EpDis: The Parliament Of Dreams
I love the "But in purple, I am stunning!" line. I like to use it about myself from time to time. :D

And I love what G'Kar and Na'Toth do to Tu'pari and the stunned looks on his face at the end. :lol:

hypatia October 26th 04 13:28

Re: EpDis: The Parliament Of Dreams
The G'Kar subplot was probably a bit overdone, but this was still early in the series, his entire character was overdone back then.

I did like the switching of the fruit that you can "just" see in the background. Wasn't that his doing, not in the script?

The end is perfect. I remember thinking the first time I saw this episode "how will they pull this off?". It really was done in the best way possible. Remind me, wasn't the atheist introduced first? :cool:

IMHO the series improved by leaps and bounds, for the most part, with the episodes made around here.

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