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hypatia April 8th 11 16:08

Game of Thrones, HBO series
I'm happy to see the return of HBO's "Treme", of course. It really is about the best new television out there right now, for me at least.

But the new series "Game of Thrones" looks like it won't have to do much to be a weekly "record if it's on too late" show now. I'm a sucker for period pieces and the preview make this look a lot less groan-worthy than most attempts in this direction I've seen.

It premiers Arpril 17th.

Game of Thrones

KoshFan April 10th 11 00:20

Re: Game of Thrones, HBO series
Peter Dinklage, Sean Bean, Aiden Gillen, Lena Heady -- it's gonna be impressive for the talent alone. And if you haven't read the books... well, hang on to your hats, because it's quite the ride.

admiraldave April 10th 11 01:02

Re: Game of Thrones, HBO series
I just started the books because of the impressive cast. I'm midway into the second novel, and I have only one word: Wow.

KoshFan April 10th 11 15:33

Re: Game of Thrones, HBO series
Second one, huh? You ain't seen nothing yet!

hypatia April 11th 11 02:24

Re: Game of Thrones, HBO series
The previews make it look like it might actually be interesting. I don't tend to know writers by their reputation, I just hope it has good writing. HBO sometimes has very well-produced, talent-filled tripe. But even their semi-successfull attempts can prove highly entertaining.

I guess I'll find out in a week and... some days. The darned thing is probably broadcast after I can watch it. :lol:

Demonn April 14th 11 02:42

Re: Game of Thrones, HBO series
I was gonna watch this first to see if I liked it & then maybe pick up the books. The problem is... I don't have HBO though, so I don't know when I'd get a chance to watch it.

Hopefully they'll put it on Netflix like they did Spartacus.

I read a little about the books when the trailer for this first came out and I'm not sure if I'd like it. Way too many characters for me... that normally throws me off.

hypatia April 14th 11 03:19

Re: Game of Thrones, HBO series
HBO is pretty expensive. I've almost given it up this year and last, but their shows are the main ones I watch, when they are in production.

I can do without gasoline. I'll start hitch-hiking on the highway to get to work. :bolian:

Demonn April 14th 11 03:25

Re: Game of Thrones, HBO series
I go back & forth... when you have the channels there's never anything on. When you don't there's always one or two things you want to watch. & I hate when you have like 500 channels the crap that is on is on at different times all over the place.

hypatia April 14th 11 03:34

Re: Game of Thrones, HBO series
Yea, it seems like that sometimes. (Nothing good on t.v. helps me get caught up on my DVR recordings, though. :D)

Alluveal April 14th 11 07:07

Re: Game of Thrones, HBO series
Book THREE is by far my favorite of the 4 out so far. I love the new perspectives. =)

I cannot wait! It's a huge countdown in this house.

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